This site offers divers a dynamic reef with cloud sponges, wolf eels, and giant pacific octopus.

Large rock formations,  a pinnacle, boulder pile,  shelves, and amazing wildlife. 

The top of the Hood Canal Pinnacle lies 20′-30′ from the surface depending on tides and extends to over 100′. The top of the mount is a large, spacious flat area making a convenient staging place for divers to begin and end their dive.

This site features wolf eels, sea anemones, rock fish, lingcod, 0ctopus, lots of oysters, rock scallops.

An artificial reef, with lingcod, cabazon, rockfish, perch and greenling. In the sand divers may encounter ratfish, skates, flatfish, and gobies. Also tons of invertebrate life, including plumose anemones, cucumbers and sea stars.

This site features wolf eels and giant pacific octopus. There is a  wall, large rock formation, pinnacle, boulder pile, and shelves.

 A steep vertical wall just South of Flagpole Point.  About 80′ at the base and loaded with Octopus and Wolf Eels. 

A long, shallow wall runs off shore that is inhabited by a large variety of creatures, including Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eels, and Squat Lobsters.

At the remains of this old pier, look for GPOs and a large number of anemones and schools of rockfish.

The dynamic, cascading reef structure is home to large schools of rockfish, lingcod, greenling, octopus, a colorful array of kelp, sponges, tunicates, nudibranchs and crab.

rock fish 3

A rugged pinnacle with sharp cut edges, dynamic crevices and chasms provides shelter to a large variety of sea life. 

A ragged, rocky wall provides substrate for invertebrates to grab hold of and shelter for schools of rockfish.